ICAP (Individual Career Academic Plan)

Beginning in the 2019-20 school year (Class of 2023), all Oklahoma students will complete an Individual Career Academic Plan, often referred to as ICAP. Oklahoma’s new high school graduation requirements will give students a personalized roadmap to use when navigating college or career plans after high school – one that ensures they are ready for their next steps and excited about the future. The ICAP includes the following components: academic/career planning, goal setting, college and career ready assessments and work-based learning.

Newkirk High School students are using OK College Start to complete their ICAP requirement. Each student has an account and has assigned ICAP activities. Activities are assigned each year throughout high school and need to be completed by the end of each school year. This is an Oklahoma Graduation requirement beginning with the Class of 2023.

Link to the OK College Start homepage is below: