Please request meals on the form below before 6:00pm 9.29.2020

Newkirk Public Schools will provide an opportunity for Newkirk Students to get a grab and go breakfast and/or lunch on our Virtual Day September 30, 2020.

*Meals can be picked up on the east side of the elementary school, this will be provided via drive thru service.

*If your children walk to the school, they can pick it up on the east side of elementary.

*If your child rides a bus, meals can be delivered by their bus driver. This includes Braman as well. Your bus driver will be getting a hold of you if you want meals.

*Meals will be served from 9:00am to 11:30am. Children will be given breakfast and lunch during this time.

*This program will be solely for the pick-up of meals. Meals will not be consumed on site.

Please fill out the attached survey if you will be picking up your students meals, so we can have a count to prepare meals. Thank you.