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Gifted and Talented

The District provides appropriate educational services to develop the potential gifts within each child. “Gifted and talented children” are those who have evidenced high-performance capability in cognitive ability such as intellectual or academic achievement; or in creativity and talent areas. The term “gifted” refers to a person who has the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment, while “talented” refers to someone who is able to perform at a remarkably high level of accomplishment. The district's Gifted/Talented Program aims to identify students who demonstrate high potential and provide opportunities that develop cognitive and creative talents in those children through site-developed program plans. The policy can be found at sections EHHB and EHHB-R.

For further information please contact
Sara Free, elementary counselor
Dustin Watters, middle school counselor
Patty Rowe, high school counselor
Maurisa Pruett, Director of Federal Programs, Special Services, and Technology


Advisory Committee Members
Mr. B. Barnes, Superintendent
Dr. M. Pruett, Director
D. Watters, P. Rowe, and S. Free, Counselors 
K. Willits, Parent
M. Johns, Community Representative