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Gifted and Talented Standards


In accordance with OAC 210:15-23-1 through 8, State Department of Education Gifted and Talented Education Regulations and Program Approval Standards:

These standards are separated into elementary, middle, and high school divisions. The qualities of a strong program are consistent throughout all of these levels. The ten standards, around which each school's program is built, are as follows:

I. A comprehensive and cohesive process for the identification of gifted students will be ongoing, and will be based on current theory and research.
II. Information will be provided by the school to parents in a timely manner once a student is identified.
III. Learning opportunities will consist of appropriate curricular options, differentiated instructional approaches, and resource materials.
IV. Documentation of enrichment and differentiated learning opportunities will exist.
V. There will be opportunities for parent input and regular communication among parents, school staff, and students.
VI. Opportunities for interaction with other gifted and talented students will exist.
VII. Opportunities for students to participate in proficiency promotion testing will be provided twice per year.
VIII. Gifted program evaluations shall be conducted at regular intervals and will be presented to gifted council members as well as school administrators, faculty members, school board members, and school patrons.
IX. Guidance and counseling shall be provided for gifted learners by counselors familiar with the social and emotional needs of gifted students.
X. All school staff shall be provided ongoing staff development in the nature and needs of gifted learners, and appropriate instructional strategies for those students.